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Tacoma Permit Advisory Task Force


The Tacoma Permit Advisory Task Force (TPATF) was created when the City Council adopted Resolution 39894 which formally established the TPATF in December 2017.

Duties and Responsibilities

The TPATF will:

  1. Make Permit System Recommendations: Meet monthly with City staff to review, discuss, and provide recommendations to City Manager and City Council for the improvement of City policies, codes, and procedures for the issuance of residential and commercial permits. Review best practices in peer communities. Monitor implementation progress and recommend adjustments.
  2. Review City Policies Under Consideration: Review and provide recommendations to the City Manager and City Council regarding proposed City policies and laws which affect the permitting system.
  3. Consult on Customer Problems: Consult and advise on customer issues that arise in the permitting process.
  4. Establish Guiding Principles: Establish guiding principles to guide policy and best practice recommendations made by task-force.


The Tacoma Permit Advisory Task Force will be appointed by the City Manager, and will generally be representative of a broad base of permit applicants who regularly apply to the City for permits. The task force will work closely with representatives from Tacoma Public Utilities and City staff, including Planning and Development Services, Public Works, Environmental Services, and Legal. To the maximum extent practicable, the member composition will be proportioned commensurate with the types of professionals and permit applicants which interface with the City, including agency representatives who represent categories of industries. 

Staff Support

Staffing support to TPATF is provided by the Planning & Development Services Department and the Tacoma City Manager's Office. 

Time and Day

2 PM
Third Wednesday of the month



Virtual meeting

Zoom Link 

By phone: 253 215 8782 | Passcode: 193952

Zoom Webinar ID: 898 8872 4358


Additional Information

Staff Coordinator
Terry Forslund
(253) 502.2298