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Tacoma Permit Advisory Group


The Tacoma Permit Advisory Group (TPAG), formerly the Tacoma Permit Advisory Task Force, began in December of 2017. The Tacoma City Council adopted Resolution 40967 to formally establish the TPAG in May 2022.

Duties and Responsibilities

The TPAG will:

  • Make Permit System Recommendations: Meet monthly with City staff to review, discuss, and provide recommendations to City Manager and City Council for the improvement of City policies, codes, and procedures for the issuance of residential and commercial permits. Review best practices in peer communities. Monitor implementation progress and recommend adjustments.
  • Review City Policies Under Consideration: Review and provide recommendations to the City Manager and City Council regarding proposed City policies and laws which affect the development code and the permitting system.
  • Establish Guiding Principles: Establish guiding principles to guide policy and best practice recommendations made by the Advisory Group.


Members are representative of a broad base of permit applicants or other development stakeholders who routinely apply for permits or engage directly with City staff on development proposals. By January 1, 2025, it is the intention of the Council that at least half of the membership reside in the City of Tacoma.   


Each member will be appointed for a two-year term, for a maximum of three terms (six years total)  


The Advisory Group has 18 members who represent industries and the community.  

  • At-large members (7) 

  • Industry-specific members (11)   

  • Retail  

  • Healthcare  

  • Hospitality

  • Public Sector  

  • Residential Contractor/Developer 

  • Commercial Contractor/Developer  

  • Land Use Attorney   

  • Urban Design  

  • Architect  

  • Civil Engineer 

  • Affordable Housing 


Current Volunteers


Become a Member of Tacoma's Permit Advisory Group 

People interested in joining the group should complete and submit an application. 


Tacoma Permit Advisory Group Application


All applications must be submitted via email at permitadvisorygroup@cityoftacoma.org. All applications will be reviewed by the TPAG chair, co-chairs, and City staff. They may conduct interviews of the most qualified candidates before making a candidate recommendation to the Tacoma City Manager. 

Staff Contact

Christopher Johnson



Planning and Development Services 


Staff Liaison

Char Carlyle



Planning and Development Services 


Meeting Information 

2 PM Third Wednesday of the month 

Meeting are hybrid. Held in-person (747 Market Street, Room 243) and accessible via Zoom.

By phone: (253)215-8782 | Passcode: 193952 

Zoom Webinar ID: 831 4233 8104


Public Comment 

The TPAG welcomes verbal public comment on agenda items to assist in decision-making. As a result, all verbal comments must be limited to agenda items. Time will be set aside for public comment at the end of each regular meeting. 

Additional Information 

General Inquiries: email 







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