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Chief of Police Recruitment

City Council Confirms Appointment of Avery Moore
as Tacoma’s Next Police Chief


On December 7, the City Council confirmed City Manager Elizabeth Pauli’s appointment of Avery Moore as Tacoma’s next Police Chief. Chief Moore will be responsible for the oversight and administrative management of the Tacoma Police Department’s daily operations, and for achieving the department’s mission, vision and strategic objectives in alignment with the vision, goals and priorities of the City Council and the community. He is projected to begin serving in his new role in mid-January.


“I am honored to be confirmed by the City Council for this position,” said Chief Moore. “We have an opportunity today to build on prior successes, while reimagining and reinvigorating the Tacoma Police Department in an ever-evolving public safety landscape. I am confident that, in partnership with our community, the Tacoma Police Department can become a model of public safety excellence based on fairness for all.”

Avery Moore
“Public safety continues to be a top priority for the City of Tacoma. I want to share my appreciation for our community who took the time to engage with us during these historic times,” said Mayor Victoria Woodards. “I want to thank Interim Chief Mike Ake for his 32+ years of faithful service to Tacoma, and for his leadership throughout the last year. As we look ahead, we know that Chief Moore will be stepping into a very prominent leadership role and guiding the Tacoma Police Department through a time punctuated by local and national conversations demanding transformative change. I am excited about the depth and breadth of experience that Chief Moore brings to Tacoma.”

“We are at a critical juncture in the transformation of policing and the definition of public safety for Tacoma,” said City Manager Pauli. “I am deeply grateful for the efforts of the Tacoma Police Department and Interim Chief Ake over the past year, and I am confident that Chief Moore will be actively connected to our community-led process and lead the Tacoma Police Department to its highest potential.”


“The Tacoma Police Department remains committed to realizing our community’s long-term vision for public safety, defined through community-led antiracist transformation efforts,” said Interim Chief Ake, who plans to retire in January of the new year to continue his community service in the Washington Army National Guard. “I welcome Chief Moore to Tacoma, and will work to ensure a smooth transition for the Tacoma Police Department and our community.”


Chief Moore previously served the Dallas Police Department as the Assistant Chief of Police for the Investigations Bureau. His career at the Dallas Police Department began at the rank of police officer and he has held many progressively responsible leadership positions since, including Assistant Chief of Police, Investigations and Tactical; Deputy Chief of Police; East Patrol Bureau Commander; Northeast Patrol Division Commander; Major of Police, Northeast Patrol Division; Lieutenant of Police; Sergeant of Police; and Senior Corporal of Police. He holds a Master’s in Business Administration from the University of Phoenix at Dallas and a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice from Cameron University in Lawton, Oklahoma. 


Finalists for Tacoma's Next Police Chief


November 16, 2021



During the City Council Study Session, virtual presentations from each of the finalists took place live on TV Tacoma (Click!/Rainier Connect Channel 12, HD Channel 512 and Comcast Channel 12, HD Channel 321),  tvtacoma.comZoom and Facebook


Finalists' Study Session Presentations

November 17, 2021

8 AM - Noon
Each finalist took turns engaging in a panel discussion with the City’s labor partners and City department directors live on TV Tacoma (Click!/Rainier Connect Channel 12, HD Channel 512 and Comcast Channel 12, HD Channel 321),  tvtacoma.comZoom and Facebook. This panel discussion replayed from 1 - 4 PM on City Post (Click!/Rainier Connect Channel 21 and Comcast Channel 77). 


Finalists' Panel With City’s Labor Partners and City Department Directors


Each finalist also individually rotated into a panel discussion taking place during the same timeframe with police chiefs from other jurisdictions and senior leadership from Tacoma’s anchor institutions live on City Post (Click!/Rainier Connect Channel 21 and Comcast Channel 77) and Zoom. This panel discussion replayed from 1 - 4 PM on TV Tacoma (Click!/Rainier Connect Channel 12, HD Channel 512 and Comcast Channel 12 HD Channel 321), tvtacoma.com and Facebook.


Finalists' Panel With Police Chiefs From Other Jurisdictions and Senior Leadership From Tacoma’s Anchor Institutions


5:30 - 7 PM

There was a panel discussion between the finalists, representatives from Council committees and commissions, and community partner organizations. There were a number of ways for community members to participate, including an option to attend in person. Doors to the venue (Greater Tacoma Convention Center, 1500 Commerce St.,) opened starting at 4 PM, and there was an opportunity at that time for community members to meet and greet the finalists in person before the panel discussion began at 5:30 PM. With a total capacity of 225 at the venue to allow for six feet of physical distancing between individuals, those participating in person were required to remain masked at all times.


Community members who wished to send in questions in advance, could do so through November 12, 2021 by emailing policechiefrecruitment@cityoftacoma.org. Written questions were also collected from audiences the day of the event, using note cards for those attending in person, and on Zoom using Zoom’s Q&A feature. The moderator read them to the candidates, as time allows.


This panel discussion aired live on TV Tacoma (Click!/Rainier Connect  Channel 12, HD Channel 512 and Comcast Channel 12, HDChannel 321), and streamed on tvtacoma.comZoom and Facebook


Finalists' Panel With Representatives From Council Committees and Commissions, and Community Partner Organizations




Recruitment Timeline


October 15, 2021
Application Period Closed 


October 16, 2021 - November 3, 2021
Review and Preliminary Interviews Conducted by Bob Murray and Associates


Week of November 15, 2021
Community and Stakeholder Engagement 


November 2021
Background / Reference Checks 


December 7, 2021
Council Confirmation of Police Chief Appointment



Position Information

Recruitment Firm


Joel Bryden, Vice President and Recruiter

Bob Murray and Associates 


City of Tacoma Human Resources

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Lynn Stehr, Human Resources Analyst

Nicole Ratliff, Human Resources Specialist

Marisa Tetreault, Human Resources Analyst