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311 System Testing

Want to try out our new system? 

As we’ve shared recently, we’re putting the final touches on a major upgrade to the TacomaFIRST 311 Customer Support Center's system that customers and community members have been using to report non-emergency issues to the City of Tacoma from computers or mobile devices.

Powered by SeeClickFix, this upgrade will include improved functionality when accessing the system from a computer. It will also include a new mobile app, available on June 20 for download on the Apple and Android app stores. Our goal is to make it easier than ever for community members to:

  • Notify the City of Tacoma of requests for City services.
  • Tag locations using enhanced mapping features.
  • Attach photos of specific problems/requests.
  • Receive timely responses from the City of Tacoma.
  • Be notified of specific requests and general City of Tacoma updates.

By 5 PM on June 15, 2022, please perform the following actions on the test site below and rate your experience with each:

  • Account creation
  • Logging in to the system
  • Request submission on issues like downed street signs, abandoned vehicles, graffiti, illegal dumping and other services
  • Request submission on issues connected to the same location
  • Searches for existing requests







While SeeClickFix may be limited on what they can do to make dramatic changes to the system’s core functionality, the TacomaFIRST 311 Customer Support Center will be analyzing your feedback in an aggregated fashion to fine tune the way it works.


On the test site, please note that: 

  • The requests that you will see as already having been entered in the system are there for test purposes.
  • Email notifications are temporarily turned off, and you will not be getting notifications as community members normally would.
  • Our focus, for this trial run, will be on usability, account creation and initial request submission.