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Action Projects

The EnviroChallenger lessons don’t have to end in the classroom! Teachers can help enrich the students’ experience by developing Action Projects designed to strengthen understanding of environmental issues. While the EnviroChallenger educators will remain available to provide suggestions, resources, and information, each classroom is encouraged to use their imagination to develop a unique Action Project!

What an Action Project Looks Like

Example: Conduct a student-organized waste audit! By applying what they learned in the Talking Trash lesson, students can educate their peers on how to reduce materials from the waste stream.


WA Green Schools


External Resource: Washington Green Schools
Washington Green Schools provides schools with the support and resources to empower the next generation of environmental leaders.





Example: Make or maintain a rain garden in collaboration with Oracs love Rain Gardens. This is a great project for students that have taken the Save our Salmon or Down the Drain lessons.


Orcas Love Raingardens



External Resource: Orcas Love Rain Gardens
Orcas Love Raingardens work with Tacoma Public School students and their families to access educational, interactive raingardens, while teaching about the role of green infrastructure in protecting orcas.







Example: Create a community or teaching garden. Grow fruit, vegetables, and flowers at a school, community center, or unused neighborhood lot.


Master Gardener


External Resource: Washington State University Extension - Master Gardener Program

WSU Extension can help with assembling a garden leadership team, selecting a site, designing the garden, and determining how funding and/or in-kind resources will be developed to build the and sustain the garden.



Taking it a Step Further-Other Things to Do

Check out Tacoma's Waste Free 253 to discover ways to opt out of junk mail, reuse items, donate to or buy from second hand stores.


Join a local “Buy Nothing” Facebook group to prevent waste and become a part of the sharing economy.