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Young Adult Overnight Shelter

Young Adult Overnight Shelter 

All youth and young adults deserve support and stability so that they can become healthy, productive adults. Young people experiencing homelessness are coping with a major life disrupting event, or multiple events, that can have long lasting impacts on their developmental wellbeing.


By investing in services for young people at this critical time, we aim to end the cycle of homelessness and help young adults build skills and resilience. The City has allocated just over $900,000 to support youth sheltering and services at the Beacon Center for the 2021-2022 biennium.


Life Enrichment Group is operating the overnight shelter for young adults ages 18-24. Services are available daily and include a light morning meal, connection to services, and access to basic amenities. 


The overnight shelter can host up to 50 young adults. Service hours are from 8 PM-7 AM daily, with transportation provided to the shelter from community day services in the evening and back to community day services in the morning. 


Those interested in accessing services or connecting with Life Enrichment Group program staff can call (253) 374-6599 during program hours or arrive at the time of shelter opening.  Email:  communityhome@lifeenrichmentgroup.org