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South 15th Street Bike Lanes

Project Description

This project will stripe buffered bike lanes on South 15th Street from the Fawcett Avenue bike boulevard through the Pacific Avenue intersection, transitioning to shared lane markings (sharrows) to connect to the Prairie Line Trail at Hood Street. To facilitate bicycle travel in the westerly direction from the trail, shared lane markings will also be added on the South 14th Street access ramp and South 14th Street between A Street and Pacific Avenue (where current shared lane markings exist and connect back to South 15th Street). New signage will be installed to support the new bike accommodations and other subsequent street modifications.


In order to accommodate the new roadway configuration of one vehicle and bike lane in each direction and a center turn lane between Fawcett Avenue and Market Street, on-street parking (serving approximately 10 legally parked vehicle spaces) will be removed from the north side of the road while on-street parking on the south side of the street will remain.



Completion of the project has been delayed due to poor weather conditions. The project completion is anticipated by spring 2021 (weather dependent).


Project Funding

This project is funded through the sources and in the amounts indicated in the table below. The City also has a grant-related project for improvements along Fawcett Avenue from 6th Avenue to South 19th Street, and as part of that project, the remainder of the bike lanes on South 15th Street will be completed from Fawcett Avenue to Yakima Avenue (where the bike lanes currently end) in late 2021.


Source Amount       
City of Tacoma Real Estate Tax $27,948



S 15th St Site

Additional Information

For additional information, contact Public Works Engineering Project Manager, Basel Kitmitto at (253) 591-5448.