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East 11th Street Bridge Demolition

About the Project

The City is demolishing the viaduct portion of the East 11th Street Bridge from the west side of Stewart Street to the landing east of Milwaukee Way.  As part of the project, a catchment device will be installed above the tribal boat launch.

The structure is approximately 2,080 feet long and consists of 63 individual spans.  The project was declared an emergency by the City of Tacoma in February 2022.  The City began receiving notification of debris falling from the underside of the structure to areas below. Almost all of the areas below the structure are utilized by the Port terminal operator, SSA Marine. 


What Has Been Done and Next Steps

The landing section to the west side of Milwaukee Way has been removed. Work began on March 30 and was completed on April 22, 2022.


The short term parking area (from the west side of Milwaukee Way to the east end of the long term vessel operator parking) began on April 27 and was completed on May 6, 2022.


The remaining section of bridge over the long term parking will begin on May 11, and is anticipated to be completed on May 20.  


The last section from long term parking to the west side of Stewart Road is anticipated to begin in late May and be completed mid-June.


The catchment over the tribal boat launch will begin once permit exemptions are received.


Scope and Schedule

This project will only remove the viaduct portion of the 11th Street Bridge.  The truss over the Puyallup River will remain in place until the City appropriates funding for its removal or the new corridor is installed.  There is no anticipated funding in place for either option at this time.


Project Updates

See infographics of work in progress.


Project Funding

Funding Source


City of Tacoma


Port of Tacoma


Total Budget



Contact Information

If you have questions or comments, you can contact City of Tacoma Project Manager, Steve Carstens, P.E. at (253) 328-1506 or by email at scarstens@cityoftacoma.org.