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Quality of Life in Northeast Tacoma Protected

North Shore Golf Course and Quality of Life in Northeast Tacoma Protected
Oct. 2, 2013 

Julie Stoltman, Office of Council Member Robert Thoms, julie.stoltman@cityoftacoma.org, (253) 591-5164

North Shore Golf Course and Quality of Life in Northeast Tacoma Protected

Tacoma City Council Member Robert Thoms from District 2, which includes the North Shore Golf Course, announced that the Supreme Court of Washington has just issued an order denying North Shore’s petition for review. This means that the City of Tacoma’s decision denying the rezone stands. There is no further avenue for appeal on this issue.  

“This news is a tremendous victory for Northeast Tacoma residents and helps preserve the wonderful quality of life citizens enjoy,” said Thoms. “I commend the hard work by many neighbors who made their voices heard throughout this process.”

Thoms first got involved on this issue when concerned residents called Senator Maria Cantwell’s office seeking help. “Obviously this was a local issue, but with huge impacts, so I commend the North Shore Homeowners Association, Save North East Tacoma and the Northeast Tacoma Neighborhood Council for making it a priority for all elected leaders,” said Thoms. “I am proud to serve this community now and pleased that the hard work of the citizen groups and City staff in defending the denial of the rezone has paid off.”

The City’s position to deny the rezone requests was based on the premise that it was not consistent with the original terms of the 1981 development of The Northshore Country Club Estates. When the City Council approved that rezone decades ago, it came with the condition that the adjacent golf course would remain as open space in perpetuity.