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Striping Projects - 2015

Project Overview

The City of Tacoma has contracted with Apply-A-Line, Inc. to stripe streets that were chipsealed this summer as well as some additional areas. The locations to be striped are:

  • SE 96th Street- Steele to McKinley and Steele to the West City Limits
  • McKinley Avenue - 72nd and 96th
  • Norpoint Way - 49th Avenue NE and 29th Street NE
  • 45th Avenue NE - Northshore Pkwy and Browns Point Boulevard
  • Jackson Avenue - N SR-16 bridge deck and N 17th
  • I-705 - Schuster Parkway to S 12th
  • S 11th - Pacific Avenue to Tacoma Avenue
  • Pacific Avenue at S 15th Street
  • S 15th Street at Tacoma Avenue
  • S 15th Street at Street Paul Avenue
  • S 19th Street at Rosemount Circle
  • N 30th at Pearl Street
  • S 9th at A Street

Public Notices

A postcard with the information listed below was mailed to residents along 96th Street.

Striping VicinityWith the recent completion of the roadway resurfacing project along South 96th Street, the City of Tacoma has the opportunity to change the lane configuration to better serve the neighboring community.  The new permanent striping which will be installed in the coming weeks will have bicycle lanes and a center turn lane to better match the striping west and east of the project.

In an effort to create a consistent traffic flow along the corridor for all modes of transportation, a center turn lane and bike lanes will be implemented, replacing one vehicle through lane in each direction. Installing bike lanes on South 96th Street between Pacific Avenue and Yakima Avenue, addresses a critical gap in the City's bicycle network, and connects existing bike lanes along the remainder of South 96th Street.

The addition of a center turn lane is expected to improve safety since center turn lanes reduce rear-end collisions and provide separation between vehicles traveling in opposite directions. The new configuration will not adversely affect the operation of the traffic signals at the Pacific Avenue and Yakima Avenue intersections.

We hope you find this change exciting as Tacoma strives to provide multi-modal travel options throughout the city. 


Task Estimated Start Date Estimated Completion Date
Roadway Striping September 2015 October 2015


Be Informed, Get Involved

You can contact City Project Manager Diane Sheesley with questions or concerns at (253) 591-5358 or via email.