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Wastewater Rates

Residential Wastewater Rates

Homeowner wastewater rates are based on the amount of fresh water a household uses during the most recent four-month winter billing cycle, typically December through March, when water usage should be at its lowest. This eliminates any extra water used in summer gardening and yard maintenance, which doesn't end up in the wastewater treatment system.

New customers are charged based on average residential use. A typical single family home in Tacoma uses 600 cubic feet, or 6 ccf, of water each month during the winter months. Once a customer establishes a winter water usage history, their monthly rates will be adjusted accordingly. 


Monthly Rates for Residential Customers in 2024

Monthly rates for a single-family residence, effective January 1, 2024, are:

  1. A fixed charge of $32.50, plus:
  2. A flow charge of $6.05 per hundred cubic feet of water used

A single family home that uses 6 ccf of water in the winter pays $68.80 per month for wastewater fees in 2024.


Ways to Reduce Your Wastewater Bill

  • Use less water during the winter months
  • Watch for leaks and other changes in winter water use that could result in higher consumption

Commercial Wastewater Rates

Different types of businesses send different amounts and concentrations of wastewater through the system. That's why a restaurant will pay a different wastewater rate than a hospital.

Monthly wastewater rates in 2024 for commercial and industrial customers include:

  1. A fixed charge of $16.70, plus
  2. A flow charge per hundred cubic feet (ccf) of water used. The flow charge for unmonitored customers ranges from $8.47 per ccf to $18.39 per ccf.
  3. Most businesses, which typically send most of the water they use through the wastewater system, have rates based on monthly water use measured through their water meters. About two dozen businesses have their rates calculated through sampling and metering of each business. A monthly minimum charge $32.50 applies to all commercial wastewater customers per Tacoma Municipal Code 12.08.460.

For monitored customers, the flow charge is based on individual sampling results.


For unmonitored customers, the flow charge is set based on the specified strength for the user group you are in.

Category 1 - $8.47 per ccf
Photo Finish Laboratories 
Taverns - no food preparation
Photo Studios
Car Washes
Lime Manufacturers


Category 2 - $9.14 per ccf
Hotels and Motels - no restaurant 
Nursing Homes
Automotive Body, Paint, and Interior Repair
Dry-cleaning/Laundry Services
General Automotive Repair


Category 3 - $11.51 per ccf
Canned and Cured Fish
Linen Supply
Bowling Alleys - no restaurant
Fresh or Frozen Fish


Category 4 - $13.52 per ccf
Hotels and Motels with restaurant
Correctional Institutions


Category 5 - $13.72 per ccf
Industrial/Commercial Laundries
Retail Bakeries


Category 6 - $15.73 per ccf
Commercial Bakeries
Limited Service Restaurants (Category I)
Donut Shops with onsite baking


Category 7 - $17.77 per ccf
Grocery Stores - full service
Funeral Services with embalming 


Category 8 - $18.39 per ccf
Full Service Restaurants (Category II)
Establishments with full service food preparation (Taverns, Bowling Alleys)

For questions or more information, please contact Billing and Technical Services at (253) 502-2100. 


Ways to Lower Your Wastewater Bill

Some businesses (such as restaurants and taverns that prepare food) have the option of installing grease interceptors for a lower rate.

Other businesses wanting to reduce wastewater costs should focus on conserving the amount of fresh water used.

For information about commercial or industrial wastewater rates, please call Billing and Technical Services at (253) 502-2100.

Wastewater Rates


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