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Operational Permits

The Tacoma Fire Department administers fire and life safety regulations for all properties within Tacoma city limits. Permits must be obtained from the Fire Department for special events, public assembly occupancies, storage or use of hazardous materials, hazardous operations such as hot work and spray finishing, mobile fueling and a wide variety of other activities where a fire or life safety hazards may exist.

Submit completed applications along with a check or money order payable to the City of Tacoma Treasurer to the address below.

Tacoma Fire Prevention Division
3471 South 35th Street
Tacoma, WA 98409

If you have questions, please call (253) 591-5740 or send an email

To request an inspection, please complete the Permit Inspection Request Form (for best results use Microsoft Edge and Outlook), and send it to the Permit Department. The email is also listed at the top of the form. 

Fees apply to calendar years 2023-2024.


Number Operational Permit Type Fee
2000.1 Above Ground Tank Permit - Installation
per tank
2000.2 Underground Tank - Installation


per tank

2000.3 Underground Tank - Removal & Decommissioning-Commercial


per site

2000.4 Underground Tank - Removal - Residential
$158 per site


Special Assembly Permits

Number Operational Permit Type Fee
2001.4 Assembly Permit - Temporary Special Events
2001.5 Tents, Canopies & Membrane Structures $315
2001.6 Open Flame Assembly Permit $315
2001.7 Bonfires $157


Number Operational Permit Type Fee
2002.1 Indoor Proximate Pyrotechnics Permit $344
2002.2 Fireworks Permit - Outdoor $344
2002.3 Fireworks - Manufacture, Storage, Transport

Hot Works

Number Operational Permit Type Fee
2003.1 Hot Works $315
2003.2 Roofing Operations


Number Operational Permit Type  Fee
2004.1  Marine Terminal
2004.2  Shore to Ship Refueling $394
2004.3  Annual Marine Fueling $315

Applications of Flammable Finishes

Number Operational Permit Type Fee
2005.1  Spray Painting, Dipping, Powder Coating, Floor Surfacing

Mobile Fueling

Number Operational Permit Type Fee
2006.1  Mobile Fueling - Company (there is a $115 surcharge for truck inspections outside the City of Tacoma)
2006.2  Mobile Fueling - Site

Hazardous Materials