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Authorization to Remove Trespasser

Authorization to Remove Trespassers

Completing a form that authorizes the Tacoma Police Department (TPD) to remove trespassers from your property, aids TPD when enforcing and removing individuals who are unlawfully on private property. In some circumstances, the curtilage, sidewalk and planting strip abutting the property can be included.  


Authorization to Remove Trespasser Form

Authorization to Remove Trespasser Form Instructions


No Trespass Signs/Additional Lighting

Posting "No Trespass" signs and/or installing motion lights or alarms on your property can be helpful to keep unauthorized person from trespassing on your property.  


Safe Streets

If you are experiencing nuisance activity on your property, you can also reach out to Safe Streets at safest.org or (253) 272-6824 to see if they have additional suggestions or best practices from working with area businesses experiencing similar nuisance activity.