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Deferred Compensation Committee

City of Tacoma Deferred Compensation Committee

The Plan intends to foster an investment environment that encourages and facilitates participant efforts to supplement other sources of retirement income. The primary investment objective of the Plan is to present participants with a range of investment options, which give participants an opportunity to increase the value of their account in a manner consistent with varying levels of participant risk/reward tolerances and investment decision making skills. While the Plan cannot meet all plan participant investment preferences and attitudes, the Plan attempts to provide investment options for participants at various levels of investment sophistication and with varying requirements for risk and return.


Deferred Compensation Plan Governing Documents

Deferred Compensation Committee Meetings

Annual Deferred Compensation Meeting Schedule


Month Minutes Agenda/Notices
May 2024  Minutes Pending  Agenda 
February 2024  Minutes Agenda
December 2023 Minutes Agenda 
August 2023 Minutes  Agenda 
May 2023 Minutes Agenda 
February 2023 Minutes Agenda
December 2022 Minutes  Agenda
August 2022 Minutes  Agenda  
May 2022 Minutes  Agenda 
February 2022 Minutes  Agenda
December 2021 Minutes  Agenda  
August 2021 Minutes Agenda
May 2021 Minutes Agenda
February 2021 Minutes Agenda
December 2020 Minutes  Agenda 
 August 2020 Minutes  Agenda 
May 2020  Minutes  Agenda 

April 2020

Special Meeting

Minutes  Agenda
February 2020  Minutes  Agenda 
December 2019 Minutes  Agenda 
August 2019 Minutes  Agenda 
May 2019 Minutes  Agenda 
February 2019  Minutes  Agenda 
December 2018 Minutes  Agenda 

September 2018

Special Meeting

Minutes  Agenda 
August 2018  Minutes  Agenda 
May 2018 Minutes  Agenda 
March 2018  Minutes  Agenda