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Mayor Marilyn Strickland Calls for Cleaner Fuels

Mayor Marilyn Strickland Calls for Cleaner Fuels
Sept. 9, 2014

Anita Gallagher, Office of Mayor Marilyn Strickland, anita.gallagher@cityoftacoma.org, (253) 591-5166

Mayor Marilyn Strickland Calls for Cleaner Fuels 

Tacoma, Wash. -- Mayor Marilyn Strickland joins over 60 municipal leaders supporting Gov. Jay Inslee and Washington state in implementing a clean fuels standard.  In an open letter sent to Inslee, the elected leaders cite job creation, small business growth and providing consumers more choice at the pump among the benefits of increasing production of clean, low-carbon fuels in Washington state.

"Tacomans want more choice at the pump, more of a say in transportation options, and more opportunities to support Washington state's local economy,” said Strickland. “That’s why I joined with 60 other local leaders from around Washington state in support of a Clean Fuels Standard. We’re already acting locally to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by replacing the vehicles in our Solid Waste Utility fleet with hybrid vehicles that will reduce our fuel consumption by 50 percent.”

Transportation is the largest source of air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions in Washington state. A Clean Fuels Standard will require fuel distributors to gradually lower the carbon intensity of their fuels over time. Inslee is considering a standard that will be technology neutral, allowing fuels to compete solely on their pollution-reducing benefits. This will provide a level playing field for small businesses currently providing jobs and fuels in Washington state’s supply chain, and provide room for growth on both sides of the Cascades. 

Overview of a Clean Fuels Standard in Washington

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