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Operations Bureau

Photo of Assistant Chief Ed Wade

Ed Wade
Assistant Chief

The Operations Bureau, under the command of Assistant Chief Ed Wade, is committed to the Community Policing Philosophy.  We are the uniformed Officers of the department currently operating under two lines of effort:  the Patrol Division and the Community Policing Division. 


The Patrol Division is responsible for handling calls for service, conducting preliminary criminal investigations, responding to emergencies, enforcing traffic laws and investigating accidents.  The Community Policing Division is responsible for handling neighborhood and business concerns which require extra time and effort by our Community Liaison Officers and Detectives.


The Tacoma Police Department seeks to keep the peace and maintain order throughout our community.  Education and mutual partnerships solve many more problems than making arrests.  If a problem can be worked out, or compliance gained without arrest, then that is the preferred approach.


Homeland Security

The Tacoma Police Department is committed to improving the security of our community, and is involved in many aspects of Homeland Defense.  These efforts include internal preparations for various situations and possibilities, regional involvement with outside agencies, and federal initiatives aimed toward improved homeland security.  The safety of our community is the paramount mission of our police department, and with the recent terrorism events, the focus of this mission has greatly expanded to include response to threats from foreign and domestic terrorists.


The Tacoma Police Department is ever vigilant in working with the public and its emergency response partners to understand and prevent terrorism from occurring.  The watchfulness of individual citizens is critical to the protection of our city, state, and country from the threat of terrorism. To this end, you may leave a confidential tip or information.