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Commercial Vehicle Enforcement

The City of Tacoma’s Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Unit is responsible for enforcing state, federal, and local law’s pertaining to the safe operation of Commercial Vehicles and the transportation of hazardous materials in Tacoma. In addition to conducting safety inspections, the unit also enforces size, weight, and load laws related to commercial vehicles.

The goal of the unit is to ensure the safe operation of commercial motor vehicles and to protect Tacoma’s infrastructure by conducting routine roadside and terminal safety inspections and portable weighing operations.


Motor Carrier Safety Unit
The officers assigned to this unit maintain a certification from the U.S. Department of Transportation to conduct Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) inspections and promote commercial vehicle safety through education and a consistent application of safety regulations and inspection procedures.


The unit is actively working with other commercial vehicle enforcement officers from around the State of Washington.


The City of Tacoma has weight restrictions on the following bridges:

East 11th Street Bridge from Portland Avenue to Milwaukee Way
Bridge is closed to all traffic.

Fishing Wars Memorial Bridge from Portland Avenue to Milwaukee Way

Bridge is closed to all traffic.
Statement Regarding Oversized Vehicles


Due to ongoing construction throughout the City, including the port areas, any oversized load requiring the use of escort vehicles must contact the Road Compliance Department seven (7) days prior to the move date so the necessary arrangement may be made.


Failing to do so may result in the load getting turned away.


Contact information:

John Durrance, Road Use Compliance Officer Supervisor

(253) 591-5289



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Contact Us


John Durrance

Road Use Compliance Officer

Commercial Vehicle Enforcement
(253) 591-5289