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Burglary Reduction Initiative

Tacoma's Burglary Reduction Initiative

The goal of Tacoma's Burglary Reduction Initiative (BRI) is to reduce residential and commercial burglaries in the City of Tacoma. To be effective, the reduction requires:

  • Coordinated crime prevention and awareness programs
  • Police enforcement
  • Prosecution

Part of the Strategic Plan

The BRI supports the City of Tacoma's Tacoma 2025 Strategic Plan focus area of health and safety. According to Tacoma 2025’s vision, Tacoma will be known as one of the safest cities in Washington. Strong partnerships between law enforcement, neighborhood groups and public officials have and will continue to reduce crime rates. The reductions encourage feelings of safety and security for Tacoma residents.


How Burglaries Affect People

The citizens and businesses of the City of Tacoma are the victims of more than 2,600 burglaries each year.


One out of every 77 persons suffers from this emotionally and economically devastating crime. Research shows that the harmful effects are reversible.


Residential Burglary Prevention - Tips and Strategies


Coming Together

Combined efforts by police, prosecutors, citizens and businesses can greatly reduce these crimes in a designated area. Results will not be seen overnight. To see the full benefits of the BRI it will take

  • Sustained perseverance
  • Energetic collaboration between all areas of the Department
  • Intensified cooperation between surrounding jurisdictions
  • Zealous commitment of prosecutors



Crime in Progress



Police Non-Emergency

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Tacoma FIRST 311

747 Market Street
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(253) 591-5000

Link to TacomaFIRST 311 from the City of Tacoma