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Education & Outreach


The EnviroHouse web page offers information EnviroHouse Logoon EnviroHouse displays, landscaping, and products. The workshop schedule is also posted online. The workshops are open to all Tacoma and Pierce County residents and cover various topics including ductless heat pumps, gardening, landscaping, and backyard chickens.



EnviroShorts LogoThe EnviroShorts video series gives you a look into where your waste goes. Covering trash, food and yard waste, recycling, hazardous waste, wastewater and a visit to the Tacoma Recovery & Transfer Center, these videos demonstrate that nothing ever is truly wasted, but instead our resources are reclaimed and put to use in new ways.

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Urban Green

Check out Urban Green, Tacoma's TV show that highlights sustainable living and environmental efforts in our area. The show features interviews with regional and national experts and keeps you up to date on environmental issues, projects and programs that are relevant to our region. Episodes air on TV Tacoma or can be viewed online. 



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When you need engaging, high-quality environmental science lessons, bring in the EnviroChallengers. The EnviroChallenger program teaches free environmental lessons with a mix of science, social responsibility and fun in Tacoma's second through eighth grade classrooms. All the lessons include supplies and support state standardized test objectives.



Environmental Services

Visit Environmental Service's Education and Involvement page for more information on the EnviroHouse, tours, presentations, and more!

Tacoma Public Utilities

Learn how to save money and energy and conserve water at home or at work at the Tacoma Public Utilities website.