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Update on the Rental Housing Ballot Measures

Update on the Rental Housing Ballot Measures

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Last Updated September 1, 2023


In his August 30 order, Pierce County Superior Court Judge Timothy Ashcraft validated the Tacoma City Council’s authority under the City Charter to place an alternative on the ballot to a citizen initiative petition. The Court also agreed with the City of Tacoma that an alternative to a citizen initiative petition would be correctly presented as a plurality vote to voters under State law, which means that the measure that gets the most votes prevails. Nevertheless, the Court found a problem in the Council’s adoption of the ordinance prior to placing it on the ballot for voter approval, which would have prevented the Council from changing it for two years without another vote. The City of Tacoma is not going to appeal the Court's ruling in this case. As we plan for future growth in Tacoma and across our region, the City of Tacoma’s approach on this issue will continue to be a collaborative one that balances the needs of tenants, landlords, and others across the community.