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Open Spaces

Open spaceDid You Know?

Several open space areas within the city limits of Tacoma provide important habitat for endangered salmon, including Puget Creek and Swan Creek. 

What is Open Space? 
Open spaces are natural areas that provide important community space, habitat for plants and animals, and various recreational opportunities.


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More Resources Related to Open Spaces

MetroParks Tacoma

Tacoma has an abundance of natural areas, from 702-acre Point Defiance Park with its old-growth forest, to Wright Park’s arboretum, to the centrally located Snake Lake trail system. To find a park near you visit the MetroParks website or the Green Living Guide. Want to help Metro Parks keep Tacoma looking beautiful and green? Click here to find out how to get involved.

Evergreen Tacoma- Urban Forestry
EverGreen Tacoma is responsible for overseeing the maintenance and enhancement of both public trees and street trees installed for City projects within the city limits. They have the goal of increasing Tacoma’s canopy cover from 19% to 30% by 2030. They offer education about tree planting and care, coupons for homeowners to plant trees in their yard or planting strip, and opportunities to get involved with trees throughout the city. 

Forterra and the Green Tacoma Partnership

The Green Tacoma Partnership is a public-private partnership between the City of Tacoma, Metro Parks, Forterra, citizens, educational organizations, neighborhood groups, non-profits, faith-based organizations, and businesses all working together to sustain a viable healthy network of natural green spaces throughout Tacoma. The Partnership aims to restore and maintain 1,881 acres of Tacoma's green space over the next 20 years. Get involved as a habitat steward or restoration volunteer with the Green Tacoma Partnership to help sustain natural spaces throughout the Tacoma area. 

Citizens for a Healthy Bay

Citizens for a Healthy Bay is a nonprofit environmental organization working side-by-side with local citizens, businesses and government to prevent water pollution and make our community more sustainable. Citizens for a Healthy Bay engages citizens to clean up, restore and protect Commencement Bay, its surrounding waters and natural habitat. Volunteer with Citizens for a Healthy Bay and work to improve local waterways.


Surfrider Foundation 
The Surfrider Foundation is a non-profit grassroots organization dedicated to the protection and preservation of our world’s oceans, waves and beaches. The South Sound Chapter of Surfrider serves the Tacoma, Gig Harbor and the southern Puget Sound region. Visit the Surfrider website for volunteer opportunities, collecting water samples, installing an ocean friendly garden, getting involved in banning plastics in Tacoma, or cleaning up your beach.


Pierce Conservation District
The Pierce Conservation District is a subdivision of state government created to promote the conservation of renewable natural resources in Pierce County. PCD helps landowners manage natural resources on forest and agricultural land, riparian areas, fish and wildlife sites and other types of rural and urban areas. There are many opportunities to get involved with Pierce Conservation District. Visit their calendar for more information.


Puget Creek Restoration Society
The Puget Creek Restoration Society protects, enhances, and restores the Puget Creek Watershed and other streams, wetlands, and green spaces. They serve the South Puget Sound communities and invite participation through hands-on restoration, research, education, and advocacy, and by promoting a sense of stewardship.

Tahoma Audubon

The mission of Tahoma Audubon is to connect people with birds, other wildlife and their habitats through conservation, education, and recreation. They are a member-driven and volunteer run grassroots organization that strives to connect people with nature. Their members, volunteers, staff, and partners work together to make a positive difference in the lives of people, birds, and wildlife in Pierce County, protecting habitats for future generations.