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Appointments not necessary to purchase products at our facility. Head on over to TAGRO during our hours of operation and our staff will gladly help you out with all your soil amendment needs!

Deliveries can be scheduled by calling (253) 502-2150.


Which products are right for your garden?

Customers have been using our award-winning TAGRO products in their lawns and gardens for almost 30 years. Since our creation in 1991, TAGRO has been providing high-quality soil amendment products to customers at a fraction of the cost of similar store-bought products. Learn more about our products and how you can incorporate them into your lawns and gardens. 


General Tips
  • How to calculate how much product you may need:
  1. Calculate the depth you are hoping to achieve. This will vary depending on your project. For example, with aged black bark, it depends on what you think would be most aesthetically appealing. For example, are you hoping to mound the material or do you want it to match a nearby walkway or driveway? When it comes to topsoil, the depths should match your sidewalk, driveway, or retaining wall.
  2. Next, measure the length and width of the project you are working on.
  3. Multiply the length by the width and the desired depth (LxWxD).
  4. Divide that total by 27.

    For example, 12' Length x 12' Width x 12' Depth=1728 
    1728 divided by 27=64 cubic yards (if an infinite answer, move the decimal one space to the left).
  • As with any product containing nitrogen, do not introduce TAGRO products into any body of water. Use all soil amendments conservatively to help protect groundwater from nitrates. To both protect your product and prevent storm water runoff, place your product on a tarp or other barrier and keep covered when not use.

If you need further assistance, please reach out to our team of Master Gardeners at (253) 502-2150 who can help you decide what products are best for your project and how much you likely will need.



Use TAGRO Mix for new or existing lawns and as a soil amendment for flower and garden beds.



TAGRO Topsoil is a four-way mix ideal for refreshing gardens and flower beds. It is an intermediary between native nutrient-barren soils and nutrient-rich manufactured soils such as TAGRO Potting Soil. TAGRO Topsoil adds organic matter and nutrients without decreasing porosity. TAGRO Topsoil meets the Type IV topsoil specifications of the Washington State Department of Transportation and the City of Tacoma.  


Aged Black Bark

Aged Black Bark serves as a low-nutrient ground cover similar to traditional beauty bark – except that it’s black. TAGRO’s Aged Black Bark is ground finer than traditional beauty bark making it more visually pleasing to most gardeners.

Aged Black Bark contains no TAGRO biosolids.

Aged Black Bark will add both structure and organic matter to soils, improving the rooting of plants. The best uses for Aged Black Bark are:

  • As a ground cover and weed barrier in flower beds and gardens
  • Mixed into soil to increase the amount of organic matter
  • Added to older beds that have sunk over time

As with any surface layer that is high in organic content, Aged Black Bark helps keep moisture in the soil and moderates temperature swings. TAGRO’s Aged Black Bark captures the sun’s rays and helps plant roots warm up a few degrees earlier, which helps in early planting of both vegetables and flowers.

TAGRO’s Aged Black Bark is a weed-free mixture that helps keep weeds out of your garden and flower beds. If weeds sprout from seeds that may have blown in, the loose structure of the product makes weeding easier.


Potting Soil

House plants in a slump? The root of the problem could be your soil. Try TAGRO Potting Soil especially designed for container-grown plants. TAGRO Potting Soil is a nutrient-rich blend of 20 percent Tacoma biosolids, 20 percent high-quality sawdust and 60 percent clean, aged bark. TAGRO Potting Soil is safe for indoor and outdoor use, and works in both flower and vegetable gardens. It is perfect for outdoor raised planting beds.

TAGRO Potting Soil also contains some small stone and some larger pieces of aged black bark which aids in porosity, structure and overall soil tilth. 
Tested at Washington State University’s Puyallup Cooperative Extension, TAGRO Potting Soil outperformed traditional potting mixes. With no odd white specks, TAGRO Potting Soil retains a natural, freshly bought look for many months.  The product is for sale at our pad and bagged products can be purchased at local retailers throughout western Washington. To find a list of suppliers, click here.


Using Potting Soil

Use TAGRO Potting Soil in indoor and outdoor container gardens, in the greenhouse, or in pots of any size.

TAGRO Potting Soil is a “soil-less” mixture of aged, screened, black-fir bark; sawdust and Tacoma’s Class A biosolids. It’s a high quality, nutrient-rich potting soil without traditional ingredients like peat moss, vermiculite, perlite, coconut fiber, pumice, compost, sand and chemical “tiny time pills.”

Benefits of Potting Soil

It contains a balance of readily available and slow-release plant nutrients. TAGRO Potting Soil has a very high nutrient content, but won’t burn sensitive plant tissues.

  • The structure is perfect for potted plants to develop strong root
    systems, which is vital to the performance of containerized plants.

  • TAGRO Potting Soil has excellent water-holding capacity and necessary

  • Eliminates the need for additional fertilizing for several months.  

Indoor Use

TAGRO Potting Soil is best with containers of 8-inches in diameter and larger. Carefully water plants in smaller containers. Seeds sprout in it very well, but again, water carefully. Because the potting soil tends to dry out in small pots (eight inches in diameter or less), make sure to check it carefully and apply water when necessary.


Outdoor Use
All the things you want in a container garden, you also need in a raised bed. Because of its excellent drainage and nutrient-rich properties, TAGRO Potting Soil is perfect for raised beds. And, it has a convenient “self-mulching” feature. Since TAGRO Potting Soil is made of a screened-bark material, its loose structure essentially self-mulches to assure even temperatures and water content in your planted bed. This is especially noticeable during the dry summer months when it provides superior water conservation. 

Raise a bed 8-10 inches or more using TAGRO Potting Soil, and you are ready to plant whatever you want. Or, for a tall bed (3-feet or more), you could use a sandy mixture in the bottom third, and TAGRO Potting Soil in the remainder of the bed. TAGRO Potting Soil is also an economical choice for densely planted urban beds, planters or larger containers. It is rated "Class A: Exceptional Quality" by the Environmental Protection Agency and meets and exceeds standards for use on any type of vegetable or fruit.

To place an order, call (253) 502-2150.

For other inquiries, email TAGRO

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