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Tacoma Climate Leadership Cohort









We are excited to be partnering with the Tacoma Tree Foundation to coordinate the 2023-24 Tacoma Climate Leadership Cohorts!


Tacoma Tree Foundation Support Staff:


Lowell Wyse, Ph.D., Executive Director (TCLC facilitator). A former college professor, Lowell brings many years of teaching experience, as well as leadership in local environmental advocacy. His strengths include meeting facilitation, community partnership building, cross-cultural understanding, conversational Spanish skills, and deep knowledge of the ways that social and environmental issues overlap.


Sarah Low, TTF Founder (TLCC director). An experienced community leader, Sarah is the owner of Strategic Nature, LLC, a Tacoma-based company. Passionate about bringing people together around environmental issues, Sarah started the Tacoma Tree Foundation in response to the interest and demand for a community voice on urban forestry in the area.


Tiawania (Tia) Harris Dalton (TCLC project manager/coordinator). Tia is a Pierce County native with training in environmental science & technologies from Clover Park Technical College and the University of Washington- Tacoma. She has a passion for sustainable agriculture and deep ecology. Tia uses her training and passion for the environment to inspire budding environmentalists from underrepresented communities.


Luna Azzouni, digital communications specialist (TCLC communications coordinator). An experienced education coordinator and graphic designer, Luna has been with Tacoma Tree Foundation for almost three years and is well versed in educational program development, equitable engagement strategies, graphic design, and social media outreach.


Learn more about the Tacoma Tree Foundation and 2023 Cohort details here:


Tacoma Tree Foundation Website



Coordinator Role

Inspired by community input and the 2030 Tacoma Climate Action Plan (CAP), this two-year program will work with partners to train a minimum of two cohorts made up of frontline community members to engage with City staff and elected officials and take climate action during 2023 and 2024. The coordinator will collaborate with the City of Tacoma Office of Environmental Policy and Sustainability, the primary City partner, in implementation decision-making. The program will educate frontline community members about local climate impacts, emissions sources, and actions. In addition, the program will train frontline community members to understand and leverage civic engagement strategies and tools to navigate local public decision-making processes organized by the City and, to a lesser extent, other local public organizations. Focusing on civic engagement through advocacy and community outreach, the program is meant to foster relationships, support individual development, and connect community issues, services, and efforts.

Fostering relationships begins with a grant partnership that will coordinate this program with the City of Tacoma’s Office of Environmental Policy and Sustainability.

The first year of this program will be implemented between January 3 and December 31, 2023.

The second year of this program will be implemented between January 1 and December 31, 2024.


Major program activities include: 
  • Cohort member recruitment: application development, program promotion, informational open houses, interviews, and selection  
  • Training curriculum, content, and materials development  
  • Virtual/in-person networking and training involving rotation of topics and partners/speakers. 
  • Partner/speaker networking and planning meetings 
  • Possible limited hands-on learning or service day(s) 
  • Post-training project planning meetups
  • Funded end-of-cohort demonstration projects 

Use the links below to access the Program Scope of Work, Frequently Asked Questions, and the Tacoma Climate Leadership Cohort 2022 Summary: 


Tacoma Climate Leadership Cohort Program Scope of Work 

 Tacoma Climate Leadership Cohort Program Frequently Asked Questions

Tacoma Climate Leadership Cohort 2022 Summary