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3 Hour Unpaid 2019

Parking Changes Happening in Southern Downtown Tacoma Starting September 16, 2019

The City of Tacoma’s Parking Services wants to make it easier for those visiting the southern Downtown Tacoma area to find parking. Parking demands are highest in this area, particularly near the University of Washington Tacoma campus. Studies show a very high demand for parking near the University of Washington Tacoma Campus.


Parking Changes

Because of these parking demands, the City's Parking Technical Advisory Group (PTAG) has recommended the following changes:

  • Extend the 90-minute paid parking to two-hour paid parking along Jefferson Avenue from South 17th to South 21st streets.
  • Institute a three -hour unpaid zone from Tacoma Avenue South to Market Street from South 17th to South 21st streets. Stalls that are already regulated in this area are exempt from these changes.

PTAG’s purpose is to analyze the City’s parking structure and make recommendation to increase efficiency. City staff and PTAG have spent a considerable amount of time analyzing the area and occupancy numbers show that street parking remains full throughout the day due to the significant parking demand. It is anticipated that these changes will help create more available parking in the area. 


Read PTAG's Recommendation #15.


Map of Parking Changes




Contact Information


Parking Services 


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Parking Services Manager

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Customer Support
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