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2022 Climate Leadership Cohort

We are thrilled to share the 2022 Pilot Tacoma Climate Leadership Cohort Summary which outlines program coordination, cohort recruitment, retreat details, and cohort demonstration projects! Use the link below to explore the full summary:


 Tacoma Climate Leadership Cohort 2022 Summary



Pilot Climate Leadership Cohort


About the Tacoma Climate Leadership Cohort 

The Tacoma Climate Leadership Cohort is a program organized by Tacoma Tree Foundation on behalf of the City of Tacoma Office of Environmental Policy and Sustainability.


Inspired by community input and the 2030 Tacoma Climate Action Plan (CAP), cohort members engage with community organizations, City staff, and elected officials to climate action! Made up of frontline community members, the cohort learned about local climate change impacts, emissions sources, and solutions through a social justice lens, as well as civic engagement strategies and tools to navigate local public decision-making processes. Tacoma's Climate Action Plan guides action for healthy, affordable housing; clean, reliable transportation; protections for public health; and green, good­ paying jobs. The Tacoma Climate Leadership Cohort is an extension of the CAP and is meant to foster relationships, support individual development, and connect community issues, services, and efforts.