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Safe Routes to School

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How Do You Get to School?

Work is underway to update the elementary suggested walking route maps. These state-mandated maps let families know the best route to walk or roll to school. Let us know what routes you take and challenges you might encounter along the way via the interactive map.

Overview - Safe Routes to School

The City of Tacoma has created a Safe Routes to School (SRTS) program to promote safer walking and bicycling routes for K-12 students. With this program we hope to empower students and parents to feel comfortable walking or bicycling to school, which in turn should encourage children to lead more active and healthier lifestyles.


The City has worked with the community to build a comprehensive Safe Routes to School program that includes a Safe Routes to School Action Plan that follows the 6 E's of Safe Routes to School: 

  • Education: Inform families about active transportation choices, teach walking and biking safety skills, and promote driver safety campaigns near schools.
  • Encouragement: Use events and activities to spark interest and make walking and rolling to school easy and fun. 
  • Engineering: Address the physical environment around schools to create safe and accessible places for walking and biking. 
  • Engagement: Work closely with the school community to identify challenges and address needs. Build intentional, ongoing engagement opportunities. (Note: this "E" is new as of June 2020 and is not yet reflected the SRTS Action Plan.) 
  • Equity: Reduce disparities by prioritizing schools with the highest need.
  • Evaluation: Monitor program outcomes to improve activities in the future. 

SRTS Program Documents

We have the following finalized documents available for reference and viewing.

  • 2017 SRTS Action Plan - this plan is the result of a collaboration between the Project Management Team and the Stakeholder Committee to come up with visions, goals and actions for the Tacoma SRTS program.
  • 2017 SRTS Program Toolkit - the Toolkit details specific SRTS activities that have been successful in schools around the country and can be adopted for local use.
  • 2017 SRTS Walking School Bus - implemented successfully in many schools throughout the country this is a step-by-step guide to starting a Walking School Bus or Bike Train program.  

SRTS Resources and Information

Engineering - School Infrastructure Updates

We are happy to announce that the following schools have received funding through the Safe Routes to School program.


Project Description
Estimated Start
Estimated Completion
Funding Source
Whitman Elementary School  Add bulbouts and pedestrian flashing beacons at S. 40th and M St. Install raised crosswalks at the schools crossings on S. 39th St and S. 40th St.  Summer 2021   City Council 
Edison Elementary School  Improve school crossings and walking route along S. 60th St., install speed hump on S. Pine St.  Summer 2021   City Council 
Manitou Elementary School  Install raised crosswalk and pedestrian flashing beacons at school crossing on S. 66th St., add protected bike lane from Tyler St. to Cheyenne St.   Summer 2021    WSDOT
Roosevelt Elementary School  Construct missing link sidewalk along school walking route on E. Roosevelt Ave.  Summer 2022   City Council 
Lincoln High School   Add raised crossing on S. 37th St.  Summer 2022   

City Council



Be Informed, Get Involved

You can contact City Safe Routes to School Coordinator, Carrie Wilhelme by email with questions, concerns or comments.