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Oversize Load Information and Permits

The Authority for Municipalities to Enact Regulations for Movement of Oversize/Overweight Loads is granted through RCW 46.44.090

Permits are required when any vehicle, vehicle combination, and/or equipment or machinery being moved exceeds the dimensional and/or weight limits set forth in RCW 46.44.

A City of Tacoma permit is required only for movements that are point-to-point within City limits.

State of Washington oversize permits are accepted when movement of a load originates or terminates outside City limits.

Over dimensional loads are prohibited from moving on City streets during commute hours.


Statement Regarding Oversized Vehicles


Due to ongoing construction throughout the City, to include the port areas, any oversized load requiring the use of escort vehicles must contact the Road Compliance Department seven (7) days prior to the move date so the necessary arrangement may be made.


Failing to do do may result in the load getting turned away.


Contact information:

John Durrance, Road Use Compliance Officer Supervisor

(253) 591-5289



Commute Hours

7 AM - 9 AM and 4 PM - 6 PM
Monday through Friday 

Legal Dimensions

Maximum Width: 8 feet 6 inches

Maximum Height: 14 feet

Legal Lengths

Single Vehicle: 40 feet

Single Trailer and Load: 53 feet

Truck and Trailer: 75 feet

Legal Weights

View information for legal weights on Washington State's Weight Table.

Over Dimensional Permits

Permits will only be issued to transport loads that are non-reducible; loads that cannot reasonably be reduced or dismantled. 


A superload is defined as a vehicle and/or load over 200,000 pounds gross weight, over 16 feet height, 16 feet wide, and/or 125 feet trailer load length.


House Moves

Regulations regarding house moves are found in Tacoma Municipal Code 9.10.  House moves and superloads require prior approval before moving.

Approval is obtained by contacting the Commercial Vehicle Division at (253) 591-5479 or by email.

  • Include date of move
  • Load dimensions
  • Planned route

Approval for house moves and superloads must be obtained at least five working days in advance of the requested move date.


Permit Regulations and Conditions

Permits are valid only for the vehicle that they are issued to. All original and signed permits must be carried in the power unit at all times.


Pilot and Escort Vehicle Requirements can be found at WAC 468.38.100.


If you would like to obtain a permit please visit: Tacomapermits.org

For questions regarding permits contact:
City of Tacoma Commercial Vehicle Enforcement
(253) 591-5479