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Boca del Rio, Mexico

Boca del Rio, located in the center of State of Veracruz, Mexico has become Tacoma's 14th Sister City. 

Washington State’s rapidly growing Latino community, 85 percent of which is Mexican or of Mexican descent, is a major contributor to our economy, education and civic process. A relationship with Boca del Rio will help improve Tacoma’s position as an advantageous place to live, learn and conduct business.
The Sister Cities Committee has created a work plan through 2018 to ensure that Boca del Rio’s relationship with Tacoma fulfills the spirit of the Sister Cities Program of promoting global community through citizen diplomacy, cultural education and economic development. This new relationship gives Tacoma an opportunity to build upon its strengths while creating economic, pedagogical, and civic value.

Tacoma and Boca del Rio are both port cities with World Trade Centers. They also have similar programs in the arts, and in the science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) fields, and have backgrounds in environmental cleanup work.