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Shop With A Tacoma Cop

Shop With A Tacoma Cop is a unique program in which Tacoma Police Officers can make a positive contribution to the community by sharing Christmas with children and families in Tacoma who are in need.  Officers and kids spend time one-on-one together in an unforgettable Holiday shopping experience.  Shop With A Tacoma Cop is sponsored primarily by the Tacoma Police Union Local #6, in cooperation with the Tacoma Police Department, Target Store of Tacoma and others.


History of Shop With A Tacoma Cop

The program began in 1990 with the sponsorship of the Tacoma Police Union Local #6 and the Tacoma Police Department, and is a registered, non-profit corporation.  Police Officers volunteer their time and dedicate resources to help Tacoma children and their families.  Since the program is primarily a volunteer effort with few expenses, donations from the community are tax deductible.


Where is Shop With A Tacoma Cop held?

The Tacoma Target Store at South 23rd and Union Avenue has hosted the event each year by opening early the day of the event.  Store employees donate their time and the store donates refreshments, pictures with Santa, wrapping supplies, goody bags and gift certificates.


When is Shop With A Tacoma Cop?

The event is held on a Saturday in early December, and parents and guardians are notified in advance.  Police Officers in uniform pick the children up at their homes, take them shopping, and return them home after the event.  The children are given the donated money at the store and are allowed to spend it as they wish.  Officers keep track of the spending and help the children with gift ideas.


How are children selected to participate?

Children are recommended for participation in the program by referrals from Tacoma Police Department members and Tacoma Elementary School employees.  The criteria for the children are they must be a resident of Tacoma between the ages of seven and eleven and have a social or economic need, have not participated in the Shop With A Cop program in the past, and are not currently receiving support for Christmas through another charitable program.


For more information on the Shop With A Cop program, or to make a donation, please contact:

Shop with a Tacoma Cop
Attention: President
3701 South Pine Street
Tacoma, WA  98409