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Stormwater Site Plan Templates

Stormwater Management Manual Short Forms 

Below are combined Stormwater Site Plan (SSP) and Construction Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) Report Templates that can be used for smaller projects.  These are projects that typically will not trigger the need to install stormwater facilities to meet the intent of Minimum Requirement #6 (Water Quality), Minimum Requirement #7 (Flow Control), or Minimum Requirement #8 (Wetlands Protection). 


The short forms are not intended to replace the contents of the Stormwater Management Manual (SWMM) but are intended to provide an easy to use form that will help applicants comply with the minimum requirements of the SWMM.  There are separate forms for discharges to freshwater bodies and discharges to saltwater bodies.  Use the form appropriate for your project.


Combined SSP/SWPPP – Freshwater

Combined SSP/SWPPP – Marine


Infeasibility Checklists

Below are infeasibility checklists that can be used to help determine feasibility for Minimum Requirement #5 (Onsite Stormwater Management).  Complete the appropriate forms for your project and include the forms as an attachment to the Stormwater Site Plan.

Infeasibility Checklist Instructions

BMP L601: Rain Garden Infeasibility Checklist
BMP L602: Downspout Full Infiltration Infeasibility Checklist
BMP L603: Downspout Dispersion Infeasibility Checklist
BMP L604: Perforated Stubout Connections Infeasibility Checklist
BMP L611: Concentrated Flow Dispersion Infeasibility Checklist
BMP L612: Sheet Flow Dispersion Infeasibility Checklist
BMP L613: Post-Construction Soil Quality and Depth Infeasibility Checklist
BMP L614: Full Dispersion Infeasibility Checklist
BMP L630: Bioretention Infeasibility Checklist
BMP L633: Permeable Pavement Infeasibility Checklist


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