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Setout Guidelines


Please follow these guidelines when preparing for curbside or alley pickup:
  • Set container out by 7 AM on your pickup day.
  • Set container four feet from any obstructions, such as other containers, vehicles, telephone poles, fences and buildings.
  • Container Placement
    • For curbside pickup place the container in the street or alley.
    • For Call-2-Haul the container must be placed on the front street.
  • Container must weigh 250 pounds or less and the lid must sit flat on top. If you overfill your container, you will be charged an additional fee.
  • Please contact Solid Waste Management if you need extra garbage picked up.

  • Remove container(s) from the curb or alley after contents have been collected.

If you forget to put your container out in time for pickup, call us at (253) 502-2100. We will try to pick it up the same day. An additional fee may apply.


Cleaning Your Container

It is your responsibility to keep your container reasonably clean. Help keep your garbage, recycling, and food/yard waste containers clean by:

  • Bagging and tying all garbage before placing it in your container (but do not bag recyclables or food/yard waste)
  • Checking that recyclables have been emptied, cleaned, and dried before placing them loose (not bagged) in your container
  • Spraying and rinsing your container on occasion to reduce odors and grimy buildup
  • Using non-hazardous cleaning solutions like baking soda, dish soap, and vinegar
  • Air drying your empty containers with the lid open

Commercial Call-2-Haul

After scheduling your appointment, please follow these guidelines when setting out your items:
  1. Make sure your items are acceptable for pickup.
  2. Place your items neatly along the curb by 7 a.m. on your scheduled pickup day or the night before. 
  3. Please don’t set items out on the curb too early. Otherwise, your items may get rummaged through or items added, which may result in the load not being picked up. This also keeps your items from being an eyesore in your neighborhood.