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Vladivostok, Russia

Tacoma's Sister City since 1992.

Located on the far eastern border of Russia, at the sea-side is the city of Vladivostok-the capital of Primorye, whose population of 750,000 is primarily associated with the sea. Vladivostok begins from the coast of the Bay of Zolotoy Rog with many dozens of terminals where hundreds of commercial vessels, fishing boats and fish-factory boats moor. Here the ocean breath is felt in everything . . . in the sultry taste of the wind, in the thick fogs covering the city, in the strident cries of sea gulls, and in the ship bells' ringing.

This area serves as a nucleus of industry, economy and culture for the Russian Far East. A closed city until mid-1992, Vladivostok is home to one of the largest navy fleets of Russia. Vladivostok has a major Russian University, the Far East Institute, including schools of oceanography, fisheries, and engineering. It is the favorite city for many Russians as a resort and relaxation area. It hosts many cultural and performing arts events of Russia.

Vladivostok is said to be the city of optimists, of people who look confidently into the future with hope.

Vladivostok Sister City Committee Chair
Mariam Anderson