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On Street Parking Changes

Parking Regulation Changes

Growing demand from parking comes from a number of factors such as increased vehicle ownership, more residents moving to a specific area, and increases in nearby employment and shopping activity.

On street parking is a matter of basic supply and demand economics. The physical supply of parking spaces is fixed but the demand for those resources could be unlimited. Methods do exist to create a virtual supply and regulate it through effective management practices. Some of these management practices include regulating demand through parking regulations and optimizing supply through parking permissions (i.e. time, day, duration).

This table outlines the ongoing changes to Tacoma's on street parking system.


On Street Change When Where
Phase 2 of Recommendation 15 implementing, unregulated to '3-Hour unpaid' March 18, 2024 South Downtown
Implementing Residential Parking Zone 12, unregulated to '2 hours of by permit only'  December 1, 2023 Hilltop
3-Hour unpaid, 90-Minute conversion to 2-Hour paid September 2019 South Downtown
Implementing Residential Parking Zone 11, unregulated to '2 hours or by permit only'  April 1, 2022
North Downtown