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Special Presentations

Many of these programs are available for purchase at the TV Tacoma video ordering page. Some of TV Tacoma's special presentations are available live online. Watch for these upcoming events.


Due to copyright agreements, some programming may not be available for purchase.


2018 City of Destiny Awards 

Since 1987, the City of Tacoma has honored more than 200 outstanding local volunteers through its City of Destiny Awards program.  This year we are proud to honor 14 new recipients. (2 hours) 


Date Times                    
Mondays  4 AM, 2 PM AND 8 PM  
Tuesdays                                          4 AM AND 11 PM
Wednesdays 9 AM AND 8 PM   
Thursdays 1 PM AND 9 PM
Fridays 2 PM 10 PM
Saturdays 8 AM AND 6 PM
Sundays 1 AM, 3 PM AND 8 PM  


Special Presentations are available online via the links below and on YouTube.Click for YouTube

Archived Special Presentations