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Stormwater Pollution Prevention Campaign

As part of the Environmental Services Department Strategic Plan 2018-2025, a group of employees from across the department launched a campaign to help increase awareness of stormwater pollution prevention in the Puget Sound region. A 2017 community survey found that most residents are unaware that the stormwater and wastewater systems are separate in Tacoma, and that most stormwater flows from our streets, sidewalks, and neighborhoods untreated into Puget Sound. Learn more about this issue on our Stormwater Prevention webpage.


In 2018, the “If It Hits the Ground, It Hits the Sound” marketing campaign was launched to bring awareness to this important issue and to encourage positive behavior change. The campaign includes a variety of public art and education components in partnership with local artists, schools, and community groups.


This 2021 video, produced by the Environmental Services Department helps explain the importance of keeping our stormwater system clean and safe:





Art Installations

Catch Basin Murals

If It Hits The GroundThese eye-catching storm drain mural installations are helping to raise awareness of stormwater pollution by installing them directly on and around neighborhood catch basins.


The Environmental Services Department has been working with local artists over the past several years to paint murals throughout the city. Seven local artists were commissioned to help create these murals using environmentally friendly paint that not only serve to share this important message, but also help beautify our neighborhoods. View more photos of catch basin murals around Tacoma.


Mural Examples



Storm Drain Stencils

StencilsArtistic storm drain stencils were installed in [INSERT NUMBER] of neighborhoods around Tacoma. Click here to view more photos of storm drain stencils.



Vehicle Wraps

Upcoming Events


Partners and Resources

The City of Tacoma would like to thank the following organizations and partners who help make this campaign a success:


City of Tacoma Office of Arts & Cultural Vitality

Spaceworks Tacoma

Metro Parks Tacoma


Mural Locations

The map below indicates the approximate locations of where current stormwater murals can be found throughout Tacoma:

  1. S. Oakes St. & 6th Ave(By: Angela Larson)
  2. Pacific Ave. & S. 48th St(By: Jorge Garcia)
  3. S. Durango St. & Center St(By: Nori Kimura)
  4. E. G St. & E. 25th St(By: Kate Thun)
  5. E. Morton St. & E. McKinley Ave (By: Saiyare Refaei and Gloria Kazuko Muhammad)

Mural Map Locations






























Turning the Tide

Turning the Tide is the feature-length documentary film released in September 2022 that tells the story of the historic cleanup and revitalization of the Thea Foss Waterway.  The story of the Thea Foss highlights the importance of stormwater pollution prevention, and the environmental and community benefits that can be achieved through vision, investment, and dedication. The full documentary is available to view online.