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Adopt-A-Spot and Neighborhood Litter Patrol

The Neighborhood Litter Patrol Program is an opportunity for community members to partner with the City to receive supplies and disposal (listed below) for their cleanup efforts. Cleanup activities can range from planning a cleanup for a large group or organization to a single individual looking to clean up their neighborhood. Cleanup activities must be on public City of Tacoma property or rights of-way (for example, you cannot clean up outside the city limits of Tacoma, private properties, WSDOT property/rights-of-way, Metro Parks Properties, etc., through this program).

To enroll in the Neighborhood Litter Patrol Program, complete the registration form using this link. Please note that as the person enrolling in the program is required to be the same person who is requesting supplies/disposal.

After holding four (4) cleanups within a one-year period, you will become a qualified Neighborhood Litter Patroller and will be eligible to join the Adopt-a-Spot Program. Cleanup activity is tracked based on the use of landfill passes for disposal, pickup requests submitted to Solid Waste after cleanups, and/or submitting cleanup reports to the program coordinator—cleanup reports must be submitted if you are using a personal trashcan for disposal or adopting a traffic circle.

Available Supplies and Disposal Options

Available Supplies: 

  • Trash bags 
  • Gloves (cloth with rubber grips) 
  • Safety vests 
  • Litter Pick-up Safety Tips to review with your cleanup participants 


Note that this program does not have litter grabbers/pickers as an available supply.  


Disposal Options:

  •  Use Personal Trash Container 
    • Please note, if a bin is overfilled, charges may be imposed by Solid Waste that cannot be reimbursed by the program. 
    • We ask that you submit activity reports to the Program Coordinator after each cleanup, especially if you are interested in joining the Adopt-a-Spot Program. 
  • Request a Landfill pass from the City prior to your cleanup(s) 
    • A landfill pass allows one vehicle to enter the Tacoma Recovery and Transfer Center one-time, and expires one month after the creation date. The pass must be printed out and handed into Solid Waste staff upon entry. 
  • Contact the City after your cleanup(s) to request a pickup from Solid Waste 
    • To request disposal, call 311 when within city limits (or (253) 591-5000 when outside city limits) to submit a pickup request to City staff. 
    • As the individual who signed up for the program, we ask that you remain the main point of contact for supply and disposal requests. If someone else will be taking over as the coordinator for your area, please have them complete the registration in TacomaFIRST 311.  


Hazardous Waste and Illegal Dumping: Report the exact location of the item and the description to TacomaFIRST 311 by calling 311 when within city limits (or (253) 591-5000 when outside city limits). 

  • Hazardous waste items should never be placed in a trash bag. Keep these items separate from the litter picked up on the road and report them to 311. 
  • Large items found on public property/rights-of-way (like bags of trash, furniture, appliances, construction debris, etc.) should be reported as illegal dumping to 311 

If you have any questions, contact the program coordinator at (253) 591-5634 or email litter@cityoftacoma.org


If you are already enrolled in the program and would like to request a pickup from Solid Waste, call 311 when within city limits (or (253) 591-5000 when outside city limits)


If you are already enrolled in the program and would like to request more supplies, a landfill pass, or submit an activity report, contact the program coordinator at litter@cityoftacoma.org or (253) 591-5634