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District 1 Community Newsletter Archives

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2024 Newsletters 


May 2024

Topics include City Charter Review, Urban Design Project Review Litter Code Update, Tacoma Stars, Law Day, Recognizing the great work of our all-volunteer Tacoma Fire Buff Battalion, Saying goodbye to our friend, Council Member Catherine Ushka and City Council Meeting Information.   


April 2024

Topics include Violent Crime Reduction Plan Update, Therapeutic Courts, Temporary Historic District Moratorium, Working to Update Tacoma's Litter Code, Stream Community Line Ribbon Cutting, WA 2 WA Conference, Recognizing a Purr-fectly Wonderful Volunteer and City Council Meeting Information.


March 2024

Topics include his Coffee Chat at Swasey Library, the Pierce County Opioid Summit, Washington Kyiv Oblast Sister State Ceremony, Deconstruction and National Historic Preservation Month NominationsJunior Daffodil Parade, Tidy-Up Tacoma Update, South Sound Sustainability Expo, Pierce Transit Runner Service, Zoo Trek Authority, National League of Cities, and City Council Meeting Information.


March Coffee Chat Invitation 


February 2024

Topics include the Tacoma Little Theater, Committee Assignments, City Action Days, Meeting with U.S. Senator Patty Murray, Tacoma Crime Dashboard, Cushman Adams Substation Update, Proctor Neighborhood Plan, Litter Code Update, Sustainability Small Grant Program, Bald Eagle Released Back into the Wild, and City Council Meeting Information.


January 2024

Topics include the Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration, Special Events, Community Safety, Affordable Housing and Homelessness, Keeping Tacoma Beautiful, Animal Welfare, Community Engagement, Thank Yous, and City Council Meeting Information. 



2023 Newsletters


December 2023 

Topics include Dog Rescue, Updating our Animal Control Laws, Job Tax Credits, Favorite Books of 2023, Trash Talk, and City Council Meeting Information. 


November - December 2023

Topics include Coffee Chat, Crime and Public Safety, Community Safety Action Plan, Mid-Modification Budget Highlights, Community Safety, Homelessness and Affordable Housing, Tacoma Public Library, Home in Tacoma, National League of Cities, Pierce County Village, and City Council Meeting Information. 


November 2023

Topics include Tacoma Reads, the Library Board of Trustees, and City Council Meeting Info.


October 2023

Topics include Recent Events, Voting Information, Encampments, Pictures of Hope, Charter Review Committee, Tacoma First 311 Anniversary, Walk and Roll to School with Sherman Elementary, Tacoma Arts Month, Lucky Day at the Tacoma Public Library, Tidy-Up Tacoma, and City Council Meeting Info.


September 2023

Topics include Coffee with a Council Member, Tacoma Arts Month, City Council Meeting Information, West End Neighborhood Council, Green Day Tacoma, Tacoma Reads, Historic Cushman Street Fair, and The Safe Streets Power of Community Luncheon.


August 2023

Topics include Affordable Housing Action Strategy Update, Ride-a-longs with Tacoma Police and Fire, Tacoma Alert, Tacoma Open Data, Tacoma Community College Center for Innovative Learning and Engagement Groundbreaking, Grand Opening of the Seaport Terminal, NW Trek Tram Tour, and City Council Meeting Info.


District 1 Upcoming Projects

Topics include the Proctor Neighborhood Plan, Titlow Park Master Plan Community Workshop, Upcoming Events and Council Meeting Info.


June 2023

Topics include Summer Late Nights, Summer Reading Program 2023, Housing and Homelessness, The 6th and Orchard Tiny Home Village (TEMS 3), Home in Tacoma Phase 2, Rental Housing Code Update, Fiscal Responsibility, Proctor Neighborhood Plan, Zoo-Trek Authority, and a Visit to Stanley Elementary School


 Proctor Neighborhood Plan Open House

May 2023

Topics include District 1 Home in Tacoma Open House, Community Safety Updates, Proctor Walk with Metro Parks, Enhanced Utility Assistance, Crystal Judson Family Justice Center Appointment, Walk and Roll to School at Jefferson and Sherman, T-Town City Services Expo


April 2023

Topics include Litter Free 253, Tacoma 2030 Climate Action Plan, Bridge BNSF Warehouse Project, Emergency Medical Services Property Tax Levy, Daffodil Boat Parade, Walk and Roll to School, Logger Love


March 2023

Topics include Pierce County Opioid Summit, Camping Ordinance, Crime and Public Safety, McKinley Hill and Proctor Neighborhood Plans, National League of Cities, and the Council Perspectives Video.


Council Perspectives Video

2023-24 Biennial Budget, priorities and reflection.


February 2023

Topics include Council Workshop, Tacoma Violent Crime Reduction Plan Update, Safe Streets Board, Visit to Forging Path Emergency Mitigation Site, Asia Pacific New Year Celebration Opening Ceremony, and Council Perspectives Video - Coming Soon.


January 2023

Topics include Easy Access to City Services, Committee Assignments, Archiving North End Communities, Home in Tacoma - Phase 2, and City Council Meeting Information.


2022 Newsletters


Highlights of 2022

Topics include Investments in Community Safety, Street Racing, Pedestrian Safety, Safe Streets, Affordable Housing and Homelessness, Camping Ordinance, ADU Accelerator, Proctor Neighborhood Plan, AWC Housing Solutions Group, Keeping Tacoma Beautiful, Permanent Funding for Litter Pick-Up and Graffiti Removal, Thoughts for 2023.


December 2022 

Topics include Home in Tacoma Phase 2, Homelessness, Lowering Speed Limits, Streets Initiative, Favorite Books of 2022, Santa Parade and Tree Lighting, and Tour of PABCO Roofing.


November 2022

Topics include Encampments, Budget Highlights, Supporting Community Safety, Addressing Homelessness and Affordable Housing, Taking Care of our Streets and Infrastructure, Fiscal Responsibility and High-Quality Services, Student Government Day, Visit to Silas High School and the National League of Cities. 


October 2022 

Topics include Proctor Treats, Reminder to Vote, Addressing Encampments and Second Amended Substitute Ordinance 28831, Budget Process, Tacoma's Violent Crime Reduction Plan, Aviva Crossing at James Center, The Call We Carry, Redistricting, and Washington Wears Pink. 


September 2022

Topics include Addressing Encampments, Updates on the Budget Development Process, Proctor Neighborhood Planning Kick-Off, Council Redistricting, Tours of Green River Municipal Watershed,  Central Wastewater Treatment Plant, and Stormwater Project Near UPS, Visit to Tacoma Public Utilities Climbing School, and Washington Wears Pink.

August 2022

Topics include City Council Vacancy, Vision Zero, Homelessness, Government Performance and Finance Committee, Public Art, and Tours at South Sound 911, Jefferson and Hood Street Surface Water Interceptor, and the Cushman Hydroelectric Project.


July 2022

Topics include Summer Events, City Council Vacancy, National Night Out, Public Safety, Housing, Free Pierce Transit Rides for Riders Under 18, Rail Crossing Improvements Update, Tacoma Pride, Visiting the Emergency Food Network, and Touring Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium.


June 2022

Topics include Reporting Fireworks, City Council Vacancy, Public Safety, Housing and Homelessness, Vision Zero, City of Destiny Awards, and Owen Beach Reopening.


May 2022

Topics include Council Meeting Information, Council Priorities Retreat, Tidy-Up Tacoma Returns in 2022, Proctor Neighborhood Planning Project Pilot, Tacoma Arts Commission, Tacoma Rail, Point Defiance News, Resources for Covid-19.


May 2022 Bulletin

Regarding Metro Parks Outer Loop of the Five Mile Drive Permanent Closure.


April 2022

Topics include Litter Free 253, 2022 Community Survey Results, Meeting Information, Public Safety, Homelessness, Association of Washington (AWC) Cities Appointment, Tacoma Fire Department Ride-Along, Another Intersection Celebration, Tacoma 311 Information, Resources for Covid-19.


March 2022

Topics include Public Safety and Crime, Meeting Information, Litter Free 253, South Sound Sustainability Expo, Home in Tacoma Phase 2, Tacoma Reads, Tacoma Pierce County Opioid Summit, Utility Disconnection Moratorium Ending and Funding Assistance, Resources for Covid-19.


February 2022

Topics include introductions and Council meeting information, Public Safety, Pedestrian Safety, Return to In-Person Meetings, Pierce Transit Visit, Home in Tacoma Phase 2, Redistricting 2022, Resources for Covid-19.


January 2022

Topics include the Snowstorm Event, New Councilmembers and Assignments, Council Meeting Information, A Return to Community Involvement, Potholes, Neighborhood Planning, Resources for Covid-19.


2021 Newsletters


End of the Year Review

Topics include 2021 Personal Accomplishments, Changes to the Multi-Family Property Tax Exemption, Home in Tacoma, Affordable Housing Sales Tax, Budget and Finance Updates, Tidy-Up Tacoma, Thoughts for 2022, Contact Info.


December 2021

Topics include 2021 accomplishments and upcoming projects, Home in Tacoma, Addressing Homeless Encampments in Tacoma, Update on the Manuel Ellis Investigation, his Favorite Books of 2021, Visit to the Landfill, Lighting the Christmas Tree Downtown, Resources for Utility Assistance and Resources for COVID-19.


November 2021

Topics include updates on his home life and working with Tacoma Public, Schools, Multi-Family Property Tax Exemption, Budget Modifications, Home in Tacoma, his visits to Schnitzer Steel and the YWCA of Pierce County, Resources for Utility Assistance and Resources for COVID-19.


October 2021

Topics include safely returning to community events, 6th and Orchard TEMS Site, Tidy-Up Tacoma, Home in Tacoma, Multi-Family Property Tax Exemptions, Police Department Ride Along, Resources for Rental and Utility Assistance, Small Business Recovery Grant, Nonprofit Recovery Grant, and Resources for COVID-19.


September 2021

Topics include current City Council topics, Tidy-Up Tacoma, Home in Tacoma, Tacoma Arts Month, Guidelines for Hybrid Study Session, Multi-family Property Tax Exemptions, Touring Commencement Bay, Resources for Rental and Utility Assistance, and Resources for COVID-19.


August 2021

Topics include the return to virtual meetings from hybrid, Public Safety, Tidy-Up Tacoma, Guidelines for Hybrid Study Sessions, Multi-Family Property Tax Exemptions, Visiting the Zoo, Resources for Utility Assistance, and Resources for COVID-19.


July 2021

Topics include local community spots, hybrid Council meetings, The Mailbag!, Home in Tacoma, Affordable Housing in Tacoma, Restoration of Services, National League of Cities, Touring the Main Library, getting involved with Boards and Commissions and Resources for COVID-19.


June 2021

Topics include local community offerings, the illegal fireworks fine, Touring the Transfer Center, Post-COVID Clean Up, Tacoma Public Library, Proposed Changed to the MFTE, Home in Tacoma, and Resources for COVID-19.


May 2021

Topics include Litter 253, Tacoma Arts Commission, Recycling in Tacoma, Home in Tacoma, and Resources for COVID-19.


April 2021 

Topics include Litter 253, Home in Tacoma, Affordable housing sales tax, Government Performance and Finance Committee, the 2021 state legislative session, and the Zoo Trek Authority.


March 2021

Topics include the American Rescue Plan Act, Home in Tacoma, certificate of municipal leadership, Congressional City Summit with the National League of Cities, exhibitions of speed ordinance, and rental and utility assistance. 


February 2021

Topics include inclement weather, glass recycling, Crossing Division podcast, Citizen Tacoma podcast, rail crossing improvements, and Home in Tacoma. 


January 2021

Topics include public safety, 2021 Committee assignments, Neighborhood Council meetings, 6th and Orchard TEMS site, glass recycling locations, Litter Free 253, public art, and the Home In Tacoma project.


2020 Newsletters


December 2020

Topics include the 2021-2022 biennial budget, Celebrate Tacoma, Tacoma Public Library to Go!, amendments to the Comprehensive Plan, Police Transformation, 6th and Orchard TEMS site, Home In Tacoma project, and COVID-19 resources.


November 2020

Topics include Tacoma Public Library, 6th an Orchard TEMS Site, amendments to the 2020 comprehensive plan, drone education, COVID-19, Police Transformation, and 2021-2022 Budget Development. 


October 2020
Topics include Neighborhood Cleanups, Drone Education, 6th and Orchard TEMS Site, COVID-19, Police Transformation, and 2021-2022 Budget Development. 


September 2020

Topics include Connecting with your Council Member, Neighborhood BBQs, COVID-19, Police Transformation, and 2021-2022 Budget Development.


August 2020

Topics include COVID-19, Police Transformation, and 2021-2022 Budget Development.