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Asotin, 45th and Cushman Improvements

Asotin, 45th and Cushman Improvements


The Asotin, 45th and Cushman Road and Utility Improvement project is intended to reduce the quantity of stormwater entering Wapato Lake and the Flett Creek Watershed. The City of Tacoma Environmental Services Department received a grant from the Washington State Department of Ecology to replace Asotin Street from South 42nd Street to South 48th Street with green infrastructure.

This new street was constructed with permeable pavement that allows the rainwater falling on the street to soak into the ground. This project was designed to reduce the quantity and improve the quality of water entering Wapato Lake and the Flett Creek Watershed.

Environmental Services and Tacoma Water also replaced storm sewer pipe and extended the water main in various locations.  This required roadway improvements on half of South 45th Street from Asotin Street to Cushman Avenue and on Cushman Avenue from 44th Street to 46th Street.


A public meeting regarding the project was held on Wednesday, February 4, 2014, at Fire Station 8 on South Alaska Street.


South Asotin Street, South 45th Street and Cushman Avenue Improvements

Schematic Plan

South Asotin Street Improvements by Block

South 42nd Street to South 43rd Street
South 43rd Street to South 44th Street
South 44th Street to South 45th Street
South 45th Street to South 46th Street
South 46th Street to South 47th Street
South 47th Street to South 48th Street


Source  Amount
Department of Ecology Grant $710,000
Environmental Services Surface Water $760,000
Tacoma Water $133,000
Total $1,603,000



Task                                 Approximate Start Date Approximate End Date
Design November 2013 June 2014
Advertise and Award September 2014 September 2014
Construction February 2015 July 2015


Additional Information

Asotin 45th and Cushman Improvement Handout


The City of Tacoma is managing the project. Contact City Project Manager Jason Turner with questions or concerns at (253) 502-2131 or by email.