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Heavy Haul Industrial Corridor

The City of Tacoma has an established Heavy Haul Industrial Corridor in the Port of Tacoma.


A special permit is available to accommodate vehicles in excess of the legal weight limits moving between Transload Facilities and Marine Terminals.

  • Freight must be in a sealed ocean-going container 
  • Vehicle must be in route between a transload facility and a marine terminal
  • Travel only on established routes 
  • Minimum axle spacing of 36 feet between consecutive sets of tandem axles
  • Maximum gross weight of 98,000 pounds
  • 43,000 pound maximum on tandem drive axles
  • 40,000 pound maximum on tandem trailer axles
  • Cost of annual permit: $3,000.00
  • A State permit is required for S.R. 509
Washington State Heavy Haul Info 
Tacoma Municipal Code 11.55 Heavy Haul Industrial Corridor 
Tacoma Permits
Heavy Haul Industrial Corridor Map

Statement Regarding Oversized Vehicles


Due to ongoing construction throughout the City, to include the port areas, any oversized load requiring the use of escort vehicles must contact the Road Compliance Department seven (7) days prior to the move date so the necessary arrangement may be made.


Failing to do do may result in the load getting turned away.


Contact information:

John Durrance, Road Use Compliance Officer Supervisor

(253) 591-5289



Contact Information

The City of Tacoma
Commercial Vehicle Division
(253) 591-5479