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Mayor Woodards on Pride Month

A Statement from Mayor Victoria Woodards on Pride Month


July 7, 2020



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A Statement from Mayor Victoria Woodards on Pride Month


“Recently, we celebrated with great emotion the U.S. Supreme Court's landmark ruling that extends protections to millions of gay, lesbian and transgender workers. 

The City of Tacoma – guided by principles of integrity, service, excellence and equity – continues to recognize our local LGBTQ+ and allied communities for their tremendous contributions to our city's diversity, economic vitality and quality of life. 

This is the seventh year the City of Tacoma is sponsoring the monthlong, community-wide ‘Tacoma Pride Festival’ celebrating the history and culture of our LGBTQ+ community in Tacoma-Pierce County. 

While we are physically distanced, it is especially important for us as a community to come together in support and steadfast solidarity. 

Together, we protect and support our LGBTQ+ community in enforcement of anti-discrimination laws and advancing full equity in all we do. Together, we recognize that Black transgender women have served in leadership capacities that have been vital to the LGBTQ+ movement, and we recognize the intersectional experiences of Black and Brown members of our LGBTQ+ community. In light of these things and the increasing conversations about systemic racism, I am proud that this year’s Tacoma Pride celebrations feature an intersectional update – the flying of the Philadelphia Pride Flag over the Tacoma Dome, the Tacoma Municipal Building, and the Tacoma Public Utilities building – in coordination with Pride Month.”