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Young Adult Overnight Shelter

Young Adult Shelter 

All young adults deserve support and stability so that they can be healthy, safe, and productive. Young people experiencing homelessness are at a critical stage of life, while coping with a major life-disrupting event, or multiple events, that can have long-lasting impacts on their developmental wellbeing.


We invest in services to reduce barriers for young adults who are experiencing homelessness. We aim to end the cycle of homelessness, and to help build skills and a network of support, so that young adults can succeed and prosper. Beacon Activity Center is a multi-generational center which includes cross-over services and activities for seniors and young adults.


The shelter at Beacon Activity Center is for young adults, ages 18-24, and can host up to 50 young adults.


Services are available 24 hours a day daily and include: 

  • Meals and snacks
  • Access to basic amenities (i.e., showers, laundry services, etc.)
  • Connection to additional services and resources


Those interested in accessing services or getting more information can call the service provider at (253) 753-7089, or by email at: info@valeovocation.org.


The City currently has a Request for Proposals (RFP) published in search of a new provider for the Young Adult Shelter at Beacon. To learn more, please look up NC23-0177F on the Tacoma Purchasing webpage. The RFP is scheduled to close as of 11am on September 12th.  


Beacon Activity Center

415 South 13th Street

Tacoma, WA 98402 


Beacon Activity Center is on the corner of South 13th Street & Fawcett Avenue, which is two blocks down the hill from Tacoma Avenue or six blocks up the hill from Pacific Avenue in downtown Tacoma. Google Maps

Young Adult Shelter at Beacon Activity Center

(253) 753-7089


City Contact Information

Vicky McLaurin

Interim Assistant Director

(253) 591-5058


Hayley Saucedo

Community Resources Analyst, Senior

(253) 591-5155