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Chinese Reconciliation Park Phase 3

Project Description

The Chinese Reconciliation Park Phase 3 project includes the architectural/engineering design and construction of the following enhancement features:

  • Fencing designed with Chinese motif to screen park guests from the parking lot and nearby road.
  • Signage designed with Chinese motif, including but not limited to a welcome sign, two interpretive signs, ADA parking signs and other miscellaneous parking signs.
  • Parking lot of 30 to 40 spaces, including earthwork, drainage, paving, striping and code required landscaping.
  • Two up-lights at the Fuzhou Ting near the back corner of the park to enhance illumination and security and upgrades of the existing lights underneath the bridge to light up the parking lot.
  • Landscaping enhancement with plants including irrigation where needed.
  • Removal of approximately 1,000 cubic yards of metals contaminated soils.

Project Update

The project reached substantial completion on September 16, 2015. The majority of the project is complete with the plantings, fencing, lighting and shoreline work completed and the parking lot addition open to the public. The project is currently suspended until the signage can be completed and installed. It is anticipated that the "Welcome" signs and two interpretive signs will be installed in March 2016. 


Project Funding Update

Source Amount
REET $50,000
Historical Society Grant $400,000
Open Space Fund $130,000
Total $580,000



Expense Item Amount
Design $164,000
Construction Engineer $59,000
Construction $326,000
Total $549,000


Phase Start Date End Date
Design January 2, 2014  October 31, 2014
Advertise December 16, 2014  February 28, 2015 
Construction May 15, 2015 March 31, 2016

Be Informed, Get Involved

You can contact City Project Manager Chris Storey (253) 573-2484, with questions, concerns or comments. You are also invited to contact Chris to get email updates on public meetings, events and notices.