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Sheridan Safe Routes to School

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Image of Sheridan Safe Routes Site Map


The project will create a safe and comfortable route for students to walk and bike. The project will install bulbouts at the main arterial crossings, sidewalks, curb, gutter, ADA ramps adjacent to the school and along the designated Safe Route on the residential street side as shown on the map.



Source Amount
Safe Routes to Schools Federal Grant $379,960        
City of Tacoma $50,000



Task Estimated Completion Date or Status
Design Completed in June 2014
Permits Completed in July 2014
Advertise and Award Completed in January 2015
Construction Summer 2015 


Be Informed, Get Involved

The City of Tacoma is managing the project. Contact City Project Manager Diane Sheesley with questions or concerns at (253) 591-5358 or by email.