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St. Helens Avenue Improvements

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This Web Page is Available in 100+ Languages

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Project Description

The project includes construction on St. Helens Avenue, from 6th Avenue to North 1st Street, including the intersection of 6th Avenue, but not the intersection of Division. Improvements will consist of a simple 2.5-inch grind and overlay from curb face to curb face. Twenty-four (24) feet of glass grid paving fabric will be installed in the driving lanes. New curb ramps will be constructed where required. No utility work is planned except for minor catch basin adjustments.  



site map


Project Schedule

Construction on this project is anticipated to begin in Summer 2023. 


Project Funding

The table below summarizes the current funding sources for the project.

Source Amount
1085 Streets Initiative Fund $1,500,000
Miscellaneous Funding $100,000


Additional Information

For additional project information, please contact Charla Kinlow, Project Manager, at (253) 208-4223 or ckinlow@cityoftacoma.org.