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Top 4 Bikeways Improvements


Tacoma’s Bikeway project involves the development of a 13-mile active transportation corridor running from South 96th Street and Park Avenue in South Tacoma, to North 26th and Pearl Streets in North Tacoma. This project is the top implementation priority identified in Tacoma’s Mobility Master Plan, adopted by the City Council on June 15, 2010, and is Tacoma’s blueprint for the creation of a system of bicycle and pedestrian improvements citywide, which at full build-out will make biking and walking safer and more practical transportation options.


This Contract includes asphalt replacement, roadway reconstruction, striping for bike lanes, intersection improvements such as ADA ramps, flashing beacons and pedestrian islands, wayfinding and regulatory signage.

Outreach and Public Involvement

A significant amount of public outreach has been completed since 2013 including public meetings at business districts meetings and neighborhood councils. Meetings were also held with Lowell Elementary, St. Patrick’s Elementary and Downing Elementary and local businesses along the route.

Postcards were mailed out in June 2013 and again in May 2014 to provide updates on the project status. The City of Tacoma will continue updating the public through project postcard updates and website updates during construction.



Source Amount
City of Tacoma $684,604
Federal Grant $1,500,000
Total $2,184,604 


Project was completed in October 2014.

Be Informed, Get Involved

You can contact City Project Manager Darius Thompson (253) 573-2410, with questions, concerns or comments. You are also invited to contact Darius to get email updates on public meetings, events, and notices.