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City Council Briefed on Tacoma Police Department's Violent Crime Reduction Plan Progress

City Council Briefed on Tacoma Police Department's Violent Crime Reduction Plan Progress


April 16, 2024


Shelbie Boyd, Tacoma Police Department Public Information Officer, 253-405-7134 sboyd@cityoftacoma.org



City Council Briefed on Tacoma Police Department's Violent Crime Reduction Plan Progress


Tacoma, Wash- Today, the Tacoma City Council received a comprehensive briefing on the latest data and outcomes of the Tacoma Police Department's (TPD) Violent Crime Reduction Plan. As Tacoma reaches the mid-year point of the second year of its plan, the city is pleased to announce significant advancements in enhancing public safety.


The mid-year update reveals a notable 18.6% decrease in violent street crime (robbery, aggravated assault, and murder) incidents during the latter half of 2023 compared to the same period in 2022. This positive trend reflects the efficacy of targeted interventions.


  • The Hot Spot areas saw violent crime incidents decreased by over 13% compared to the previous year.
  •  The surrounding catchment areas also experienced a substantial decline of 18.7% in violent crime, indicating the success of efforts in preventing crime displacement. Furthermore, the reduction in violence-related calls for service by 15% city-wide and 8% in treated hot spots highlights the comprehensive impact of the initiatives.


The Investigations Unit's focus on narcotics, street racing, property crimes, and the Kia/Hyundai task force underscores our commitment to neighborhood safety.


  • From January 1 to March 31, 64 narcotics investigations were conducted, resulting in 20 arrests and the seizure of 83 pounds of methamphetamine and 110,000 fentanyl pills, along with 33 firearms recovered. They also apprehended nine violent offenders, including murder suspects.
  •  Spearheaded a multi-jurisdictional organized crime investigation targeting illegal marijuana operations, they seized 3,580 marijuana plants, 78 pounds of processed cannabis, and 12 vehicles.
  • Efforts to address street racing led to 106 arrests and 43 spectator arrests.
  • In property crime initiatives, they investigated 661 felony level cases, issued 83 bulletins, and arrested 55 individuals.
  • Dedicated efforts to combat Kia/Hyundai theft resulted in 55 arrests. On March 15, in collaboration with PSATT and Hyundai Motor Company, the Tacoma Police Department hosted a software updating event at the Tacoma Dome, demonstrating our commitment to preventing theft and enhancing public safety.


Implemented in July 2022, the Violent Crime Reduction Plan incorporates Problem-Oriented Place-Based Policing (POPBP) as a mid-term strategy. This evidence-based approach, supported by collaboration between TPD and criminologists from the University of Texas, San Antonio, focuses on data-driven solutions to address crime in specific areas. In 2023, the inaugural site chosen for the POPBP implementation was in the 8800 block of Hosmer Street. This initial endeavor combined earlier efforts with a proactive focus on the POPBP, resulting in:


  •  The removal of 12 homeless encampments
  •  Initiated contact with 30 individuals experiencing homelessness. Six of these individuals accepted offered services, leading to two being placed in shelters.
  • Environmental services also played a crucial role by issuing 26 illegal dumping reports and overseeing the removal of over 83,000 pounds of waste.
  • Additionally, proactive outreach extended to 34 community groups to bolster TPD engagement, alongside three meetings held with local businesses.


Notably, across both sites, there were decreases observed in violent offenses, homeless-involved crime, and calls for service, highlighting the effectiveness of this coordinated approach.


The second site was selected in 2024 and is located along the East 25th Street Corridor, roughly covering a five-block area. Efforts began on the site on April 1.


The Tacoma Police department remains committed to its comprehensive crime reduction efforts, with a steadfast resolve to ensure the safety of all residents.


For more information about the Violent Crime Reduction Plan visit cityoftacoma.org/crimereduction. To see the full study session presentation, visit cityoftacoma.org/TVTacoma.


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