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Tacoma Police Department Launches New Online Crime Data Dashboard

Tacoma Police Department Launches New Online Crime Data Dashboard
December 19, 2023

Linda Robson, Media & Communications, LRobson@cityoftacoma.org, (253) 591-5152

Tacoma Police Department Launches New Online Crime Data Dashboard

Data spanning from 2018 through today now available to the public

TACOMA, Wash. – The Tacoma Police Department unveiled their new Tacoma Police Crime Dashboard tool at today’s City Council Study Session. The new online data analytics tool contains data spanning five years, which will continue to grow as new data is added to the dashboard at the end of each business day going forward. The dashboard can compare and contrast data sets by various time periods, by neighborhood, by crime category, and much more.

The Tacoma Police Crime Dashboard reflects the Department’s commitment to public accountability and transparency, and represents the fulfillment of specific recommendations from the Department’s 21st Century Policing Solutions report.

"I am thrilled about the introduction of our dashboard and the opportunities it presents for leveraging data and technology to enhance openness and transparency within our community, providing real-time insights into City events," expressed Tacoma Police Chief Avery Moore. "I aspire to foster trust among our community members by shedding light on this data and ensuring its seamless accessibility. Our commitment is to openly communicate our approach to crime tracking and resource allocation, striving to be efficient, responsive, and adaptable in response to evolving data trends and shifts."

The briefing to Council included a screening of the tutorial video produced by the department to help members of the public navigate and use the online dashboard tool effectively. The video also summarizes how the data is collected and published, and how it compares to other crime data reports that are produced by the department in compliance with federal and state reporting requirements.

To view the tutorial video and explore the online dashboard, visit www.tacomapolice.org.