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Proposition 3

Property and Utility Earnings Tax for Street Improvements

What Will Proposition 3 Do?

Proposition 3 will provide increased funding for street repair and improvements including; pothole repair, street resurfacing, maintenance and capital improvements for arterials and freight access roads, installation of school crossing beacons, and building missing sidewalks.


Why Do We Need to Increase Funding for Street Improvements?

Current dedicated funding is insufficient to keep up with street maintenance needs in accordance with industry standards.


How will Proposition 3 Work?

Proposition 3 will authorize, over a period of ten years, an additional 1.5% earning tax on natural gas, electric and phone companies, and an increase in the regular property tax levy of $.20 per $1,000 of assessed value.


How Much Revenue will Proposition 3 Generate?

Over the next ten years, Proposition 3 is projected to generate $130 million, increasing the amount of dedicated transportation funding from approximately $118 million to $248 million, an increase of 110% of dedicated funding for street maintenance and improvements.

How Can I Know What the City’s Plans are for Street Improvements?

The City has adopted multiple plans that are regularly updated to identify street improvement projects for funding. These plans include:

Six Year Comprehensive Transportation Program
Six Year Infrastructure Maintenance Plan (also available at 2015-2020 Infrastructure Maintenance Plan)
Transportation Master Plan

When will the Proposition 3 Tax Increases End?

The tax increases authorized by Proposition 3 will expire after ten years in January 2026.